i design and sell handmade goodies

Throughout my childhood my grandmothers, aunt, and mum inspired me with their homemade gifts, halloween costumes, doll clothes, curtains, afghans, pillows and baked goods. As a result, I spent more time in high school scrapbooking and sewing than I did chasing boys. I fondly remember being very proud of my collection of purses made from abercrombie & fitch pants. The back pockets were a design feature and the waistband became the purse strap. Don't fret, I turned out mostly normal and my sense of style has totally matured since then.

Today my passion for creating handmade treasures is still going strong. I love trying new techniques (hello lap weaving and loom knitting) and spending ghastly amounts of my paychecks on yarn.

I am inspired by old hollywood movies, clean geometric lines, unfussy feminine touches scandi style and tropical color palettes. My shop reflects my keenness for sourcing quality materials to create things that last.

There you will find:

     >   home decor that is relevant from dorm room to dream home
     >   accessories that tell stories, and keep telling them for years to come
     >   gifts for all of the ladies in your life, from girlfriends to grandmas

I am always willing to go the extra mile to make custom orders to suit your needs. Contact me to get started!