I'm Kelsey, a self-proclaimed goober, fresh out of grad school and trying to find my way in the 9-5 desk job world. I started blogging in college to keep the creative side of my brain from being solely dedicated to netflix-decision-making. 

This blog is evidence of my craft supply hoarding, weakness for a good sale, and ability to try on my entire closet until an outfit is juuusssttt right.

I have a penchant for anything your grandmother enjoys, including but not limited to: tea time, wearing sweaters in the summer, pecks on the cheek, large spectacles, and baked goods as a form of endearment. 

My eternal daydream is to live somewhere that allows me to wear beach cover ups 24/7 (aka elegant tropical pajamas).

In Spring 2016 I opened the AR etsy shop! Check out my etsy tab to learn more.  Sign up for the AR NEWSLETTER for first dibs on new items in the shop! 

Feel free to email me with any questions applewoodroadshop at gmail dot com or follow along @applewoodroad on instagram, twitter, facebook, and pinterest.