my travelogue: grand cayman, cayman islands

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman

Our inflatable kayak on the north side

A local taking in the beach

Smith's Cove, Grand Cayman

Sharing a few photos from a trip to Grand Cayman this spring. The color of the water speaks for itself, this place is gorgeous. If you're into scuba, fishing or sun-in-general I highly recommend a visit. Here are a few tips & tricks for anyone planning a trip to Cayman:

  1. Look up the cruise terminal schedule for visiting Georgetown, seven mile beach & the other trip advisor-ish hot spots. Unless you love bumping elbows with hordes of cruise people. 
  2. Check out Smith's Cove and try to get a glamorous photo or two.
  3. The "town" called Hell is also a pretty neat photo opp, but you really don't need to buy anything. 
  4. Check out the Blowholes for your third and final photo opp and beware of pickpockets while you all turn in one direction and watch the ocean. 
  5. Skip the animal-petting overpriced adventures and get out in the ocean instead.
  6. Pack an underwater camera or go-pro. 
  7. Watch the winds and time your paddleboarding and kayaking accordingly.
  8. Don't be afraid of snorkeling, if I can do it anyone can do it! Bring your own gear from home. 
  9. Bring water shoes (so sexy!) there will be sharp rock on some of the beaches. 
  10. Figure out the air conditioning situation wherever you will be staying. Our last trip was an AC-at night only kinda deal. I did not wear the heavy fabrics or sleeved items I packed. 
  11. The grocery stores on Grand Cayman are legitimate. You should also bring pre-packaged breakfasts and snacks in a checked bag to save on your food budget. 
  12. Don't forget to preload some Bob Marley and Iration on your iphone and pack a portable speaker to really set the mood. 
  13. Grab some duty-free liquor on the way in. Pack your own insulated cup to keep those drinks cold. 
Have you ever been to Grand Cayman? Where did you stay? Have any other favorite spots?