saturday shop: spring into summer

Saturday, April 9, 2016

While prepping to open my etsy shop, I have worked hard to develop a consistent color palate that makes all of the random crafts more cohesive. Besides making color choices easier when I'm geeking out at hobby lobby or jo-anns, this approach has also trickled into my wardrobe. My color scheme for spring and summer centers around cerulean / cornflower blue, hot pink, super saturated yellow, lavender, olive green, grey, navy, black and white.

Newsflash guys: it is SUPER fun to get dressed when all of the items in your closet already get along with each other. Viewing your closet as an extension of your "personal brand" can make it easier to let go of the kooky things you never wear. A well-thought-out wardrobe means you can fall out of bed and get dressed in the dark and you don't have to worry about looking ridiculous. Plus if you stop buying things that aren't part of your color palate, you'll save a crap ton of money. Then maybe someday your boyfriend will stop making comments about how you take up more closet space.

I read (most of) the marie kondo stuff and my main breakthrough was that it is okay to donate your only pair of khaki pants if you hate them and think they look stupid. Worry about the list of wardrobe must-haves AFTER you've purged. Instead of being bound to seemingly practical items that don't really work, you'll be free to invest in gorgeous new ones that do work. Or you'll discover that you didn't even like khaki pants anyways!

Have you had any success with the marie kondo method? Any of you have a refreshing spring cleaning session?