my comfort blanket (sweater)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

sweater target
jeans & necklace jcrew
tee and bag madewell
sneakers superga

This sweater has been my comfort blanket throughout this round of exams, keeping my body AND soul from freezing over (but really). I feel as though I should be dramatically re-introducing myself into blog land after the little hiatus, but where would be the intrigue in that?? Instead I give you photos of a blanket sweater and the latte I was actually drinking anyways (what kind of blog do you think this is?)

2014 has certainly been a whirlwind, juggling work / school / family / friends / cities / hobbies / (in)sanity / spending habits / debt / tequila / love (eew). If I passed away slaving at my cubicle or binge watching the league my epitaph could potentially read: Not a grad student, not yet an adult, she loved sour candy and pizza. Also on that tangent, you know you may have a junk food problem when your classmates tell you that every time they see you, you're eating cheetos. Public health hypocrisy is my game.

This week I'm up to no good throwing an ugly sweater party with a school group, visiting with some old friends and coworkers, and getting back into crafting with some crocheting and card making. Christmas music has been playing in this apartment since november first, and I spent Thanksgiving alone with my sorrows a final essay, so December is shaping up to be quite dope.

Are you feeling the hustle and bustle of the holidays in your neck of the woods? Excited for the year to be over and out?