beauty cues: my tried and true products

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It is likely no secret that I am kind of a derp when it comes to the beauty aisle. Males frequently ask me "why I look so flushed" (I love blush that much guys), a cyclops pimple took over my social life for approximately 4 days the other week, and I can count on one hand the times I have blow dried my hair in the past three months. Grad school makes it hard for me to become a full-fledged "product wh*re" due to fiscal challenges, lack of free time, and lack of caring in any way shape or form what I look like in my cubicle .

Nevertheless, you may enjoy these gems as much as this beauty goober does!

  1. Remington hair curling wand because it feels more harry potter-ish than conventional hair curling instruments
  2. Essie good to go top coat because I am extremely impatient and extremely meticulous(100% worth the price!)
  3. Suave dry shampoo I will admit I have a huge prejudice against suave products, but this stuff smells like $2 very very well spent and it gets the job done
  4. St.Ives sea salt body wash again scent is the operative quality here, this stuff smells like what can only be described as the scent that would result from dryer sheets and old spice combining to make a feminine fragrance 
  5. Lancome definicils mascara clearly at over 25$ this was a free sample for me, and it's short life was well spent pimping out my lashes. Most epic mascara of all time
  6. Aquaphor because cuticles, lips, face, heels, armpits, you name it, this stuff works wonders. I recently discovered it's pimple whispering capabilities as well, quite magical!
  7. Harajuku lovers "love" fragrance this is light and fun for daytime, I usually end up putting it in my hair because it combines well with this next one:
  8. Garnier fructis leave-in conditioner because I realized that only cutting your hair once a year makes for some gnarly dry ends and because it smells like fruit fragrances on steroids
  9. WILDCARD I had a run in with some cigar smoke the other weekend (smoking is bad!) and serendipity struck my drunk self with this brilliant beauty remedy: BOUNCE DRYER SHEETS. I literally swiped that thing all over my smoky hair and enjoyed the fresh scent and magical sheen that it brought. I now think I have a mild addiction to dryer sheets.

Now that I've let you in on my deep dark secrets, what are some of your affordable beauty fixes? Any weirdness going on in your bathroom mirror that you want to tell me about? ;)