summer & sensibility

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

giving the photographer a nice lil side eye, so glamorous

I feel like my epitaph could read "always needed a haircut" at this point in my life. Summer certainly calls for a special kind of laziness. You know the type, where you're allowed to leave the dishes and the laundry (and the phone bill... oops) because the weather is actually 75 degrees and your bike desperately needs a little ride. I couldn't be more disappointed that the magical season is coming to an end so soon. My "tan" really shows how often I've embraced the sunshine (hint: not at all). But hey, we have some A's on the report card to show for the ghoulish skin, which helps right?

Keeping busy is highly effective at distracting from whatever you may be avoiding, but boy does it make you feel like an amnesiac. I feel like I left my brain back in May or June. August's demise will usher in weeks void of tequila tuesday, impromptu road trips, unkempt romanticism, and couch crashing. On the other hand, september promises textbooks, attempts at school spirit, and career planning (puke). Can't we just pretend it's summer forever?? ;)

If you're looking for something comedic to do whilst avoiding humidity / rain / work you must watch the hotwives of orlando on hulu. It was a fast new favorite alongside reruns of the mindy project and gossip girl (don't judge as hard because I watch them at the gym, where any form of bribery is acceptable).

Any special plans for the precious last two weeks of summer? Are you ready to hit the books again?

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