saturday shop: back to business casual

Saturday, August 30, 2014

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1 // f21 sleeveless blouse
2 // madewell chambray
3 // f21 tie blouse
4 // jcrew campbell capri (sale)
5 // jcrew mini
6 // madewell varrick trouser
7 // bass loafer
8 // madewell hutton heel (sale)
9 // sole society slingback (sale)

I'm making a new (school) year's resolution to attempt a somewhat more professional wardrobe. Although it is extremely fun to pass off colored denim and t shirts as business wear, I'm apprehensive the transition into career-hood next year may come as a shock to my system. Also what if the typical college / sorority girl uniform of athletic shorts and over-sized t shirts is subconsciously brainwashing me to dress terribly! Heavens no!

Alas I've added heels 8 and 9 and tops 1 and 3 to my closet, and am determined to reach for the black pants and ditch the black jeans (which feel a little tight these days anyways, ulterior motives people). I'll let you know how my foray into professionalism works out!

Nothing gets me motivated to change quite like September's hustle bustle. Do you have any new school year's resolutions??