sunny day, floppy hat

Monday, July 28, 2014

This little madewell top is flouncy and tasseled in all the right ways. We have transitioned into full on sweaty weather in Texas and I'm looking for ways to not look like a fool in the heat (my utility bill was 500% higher last month, killmenow). If anyone wants to make those little skimpy bandana halter top things from the 90's popular again, please do, I'll be your biggest fan.

The past week was an absolute whirlwind, somehow my friends and family allowed me to celebrate my birthday on 5 separate days... I know, I know, I was shocked too. A girl gets a diva birthday every now and again right? In response to the festivities I am now on a strict sober spending freeze. And I'm crossing "be supremely hungover on a wednesday" off of my bucket list. Cheers to being a twenty something?? Actual birthday photos and anecdotes are coming up later this week, stay tuned.

Only two more weeks of summer school, huzzah! I've got a wild to do list of crafts for my new apartment, books to read (fo fun), vacations to be had, and happy hours to be indulged in. Seriously looking forward to three weeks of non-academic shenanigans, especially because online classes blow. Whoever invented adobe connect can go die now thanks.

Also urgent news, I have started attempting twitter again, follow along (@applewoodroad) if you wanna watch me flail!

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