hazy days

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This post sponsored by that time there was 98% humidity outside and you tried to take awkward blog photos anyways!

The past few weeks have been a total blur, balancing my personal life with working full time and taking summer classes has been a wee bit exhausting. But something about the summer makes me think I really can do it all, I tend to become a "yes woman" of sorts. Just a few of my recent endeavors include getting my first tattoo (I'm obsessed with it!) and shooting a gun for the first time! Cue MIA songs about being a bad ass.

Needless to say the fourth couldn't have come at a better time. I'll be celebrating with the best friend and co. and there may or may not be copious amounts of strawberry rum involved. Because uncle sam would want it that way y'all.

The other day my friend seriously asked me if I ever wore color. Which made me realize that I have been hitting the black and grey harddd lately. But this target tank is totally worth the risk of being called monochromatic, I event went back to try to find its brothers and sisters but was seriously disappointed. The oatmeal is available online however!

In other patriotic news, I'm wishing all of my favorite Canadians a happy Canada day today! Hug your tim hortons and smarties extra close for me okay??

madewell transport tote
target tank
jcrew jeans
madewell sandals (similar)
timex watch
forever 21 necklace