austin texas, please and thank you

Friday, July 11, 2014

It has been a wild ride of a summer thus far y'all! Between work, school, and some semblance of a social life (if falling asleep 20 minutes into movies counts?) I've squeezed in weekend trips to visit home, Louisiana, and Austin. I am overly smitten with everything about Austin, definitely scheming a 2015 move. Last weekend's festivities included tree climbing, barton springs, paddleboarding, sixth street, and the legitimate cooking, baking and all around hostess-ing of a fabulous friend, who gets a shout out for the amazing photos too! I'm ready to move now please and thank you.

Speaking of adventures... Besides fully embracing the live-fast-die-young mantra with happy hour, shooting a shotgun for the first time, and crop top purchasing, I recently got a lil somethin somethin on my right arm to add to my non-existent bad ass vibes. The best friend and I had been mulling over a nerdy friendship tattoo for the past 9 months and finally decided to take the plunge. Because nothing says I'll always love you quite like permanent body art right?? I'm completely in love with it, although my family's comments included "it looks like a prison tattoo, you got ripped off" and "it looks like you're going to teach kids fractions". You win some you lose some?

The rest of my month includes more road trips (books on tape y'all, audible is the shit), birthday festivities, happy hour traditions, crafts, and sunshine avec spf. What are you up to in July? Done anything a little bit wild lately?? :)