baby bey, yonce (crafts for baby)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I had the pleasure of attending my first baby shower (in adulthood) in Austin this weekend to celebrate one of my most inspiring friends and her little girl on the way. The occasion, of course, warranted a visit to hobby lobby (aka hobbus lobbus) and some super relaxing crafting. I've decided baby showers are my new favorite type of party. There are tiny foods, cocktails, a photo booth, flowers, and you get to watch someone open countless tiny person presents. Yes please. Oh and it's all chicks usually, which is just how my regular parties turn out anyways.

For my gift I was aiming for understated girly vibes with neutral colors, since I can't get behind the whole pastel baby thing yet. The card was inspired by the no doubt song and the gift bag by this SNL skit (at 3:40). The flower garland is also definitely going to be replicated for my own bedroom, can't help the present envy!

The party was one of those nights where my face hurt from genuinely smiling for such a long period of time. There is something so blissful about gathering to celebrate such a kind, graceful, and all around radiant woman. Twas a heart-full kinda day indeed! I feel so lucky to have been included :)

Cheers to baby and mama!