linen lovin

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh hay, long time no see stranger!

It certainly wasn't a spring for blogging around these parts! Perhaps we'll give summer (the very best season) a try? I can't even begin to imagine where April and May went, twas quite the whirlwind including not one but TWO new jobs, grad school exams (4.0 yes please!), one long awaited homecoming, a trip to Florida, and ballet recitals galore. Oh and I finally got around to that haircut! Five whole inches!

June is promising plenty of long distance lovin, summer school, crafts, weekends off (joy!), puppy sitting, and boredom bike rides. Holding it down in a college town during the summer is proving to be interesting. Although empty bars and movie theaters abound, activities do not! My heart will most definitely somewhere in the gulf of mexico / Caribbean for the next few months, as it usually is.

In these shots we couldn't seem to get the squinting : glasses glare ratio just right, hence the head chops. I will go ahead say that madewell's linen tops are my go to this summer. This long sleeved version over drapey tees and tanks works as a sweatshirt of sorts. Gotta watch out for that southern air conditioning, especially when you have the circulation of a lizard (totally a real thing, web md it). What is your favorite way to layer in the summer?

tee, belt, bag | madewell
shorts and necklace (similar) | jcrew
watch | timex
sandals | sam edelman