crafts and such

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Although the pursuit of outdoor adventures and poolside adult beverages has been halted due to a week of thunderstorms, I've emerged from the craft closet (yes I live in a studio apartment and still have a craft closet, judge me!) with some pretty entertaining projects. Above is a daisy chain in progress (inspired by her library adventures) and my take on the ever popular banners by secret holiday co. The problem with making someone a sick gift is that you find yourself actually just wanting to keep it. Surprising that I've somehow managed to do this with a baby gift of all things. My gift gluttony knows no bounds. Neither does my frozen chimichanga gluttony but that's another story altogether ;)

I'm thoroughly looking forward to having a bit more space in the new apartment later this summer, especially since my dog decides not to whine or bark during bad weather, but rather claw at things in a ravenous / rabid manner (kidding about the rabies, which reminds me of this office episode). Needless to say when a stranger exclaims "what a great looking dog" or "omg he looks like a show dog" I can only scoff and roll my eyes. Sometimes I think dogs also obey the general pretty / smart stereotype of their human friends. This little one is so cute... when he sleeps.

Last ramble topic for today is that of internet routers. Never has any piece of equipment or machinery ever been able to frustrate me in the way that a router can. Why are they so high maintenance? Why are they so expensive at best buy? Why does it bother me so much that I can't watch netflix in bed or check my emails in the kitchen? These are pressing questions y'all! For fear that this struggle makes me sound like a ditz, I'd like to add that I did manage to set up the whole shebang by myself the first time around. Annnddd the new one works like a charm. End rant.