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Thursday, March 6, 2014

sneaker style times two

take one //

take two //

I'm having full fledged love affair with sneakers right now (walking and riding the bus will do that to a girl), so I've been brainstorming ways to jazz up tomboy footwear for spring. The grey vans would be the perfect addition to my closet, if only I could will them to go on sale! Also still waiting for the ideal bucket bag to wander into my life. A girl can dream right!

How do you dress up your sneaks?


  1. i love that brown bucket bag!



  2. ah, how grad school cool of you to be rocking tennis shoes!! and how lucky that they are so, so cool right now. I notice J.Crew styling them with a lot of girly things, maybe try a pretty sundress or a sweet top? I would say a blazer would be awesome too, I love the stripey one you found here!! hope things are well! xo

    perfectly priya


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