Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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A hodgepodge of snaps dating back to december. Most are pretty self explanatory, all tropical shots are from my trip to the cayman islands in january. A word on waffles, bisquick is actually pretty darn good as far as mixes go and they really aren't complete without the following layers: butter / nutella / syrup / strawberries / whipped cream.

Note the puppy / elderly dog above that I have been bamboozled into caring for indefinitely. You see my parent's wanted me to "test drive" taking care of him for a week, so I in my lonely, living alone state of mind wholeheartedly obliged. The thing about the trial phase is that it actually turned into a permanent "no give backs" situation as soon as I took that baby off the lot. So far he literally sleeps all day and only barks incessantly when he hears a car's horn similar to mine. We shall see how long this arrangement proves advantageous.

I am quite pleased to mention that it is officially my "spring break". Apparently in grad school spring break really means 2 weeks off, holla! Imagine the damage I could do in Cancun, and think of the drunken sunburns that will never be! And while there won't be any MTV-like scenarios, there will be plenty of working and pretending to live in my parent's house (no money mo problems). I might even tend to this little blog ever so slightly. There was literally an ice storm in most of Texas this week, so I'm not foreseeing great amounts of spring clothing in the near future. But I mean shaving your legs is so July anyways.

Headed anywhere fantastic for a "spring break" this year? Have you ever done the cliche spring break scene?