the uniform

Thursday, February 27, 2014

If you're the gambling type you'd be safe to wager that on any odd day I'll be sporting some sort of leather tote / ankle jean / converse composition. My new "city" is pretty darn casual so I fit right in, apart from the group of grad students I've appropriately nicknamed "the suits". Still haven't garnered the courage to shamelessly snap selfies in the name of blogging, hence the lack of intrigue around these parts lately. Blogging is actually awkward I've decided!

Stylistic issues aside, I'm absolutely loving grad school. My program feels like the perfect fit, and the amount of career insight I've garnered over the past two months has given me plenty to consider. Anddd, it is midterm season around these parts and the little nerd masochist in me secretly loves to study (post it notes anyone??). One down and two to go, I shall be rallying at coffee shops all weekend long.

In addition to school, I've been tenaciously job hunting, trying to strike the perfect balance between career oriented / resume building positions and omg-i-have-to-pay-rent positions. I have a few interviews coming up next week, fingers crossed. Certainly craving a little more routine around here!

What is your spring (end of winter) uniform? Good luck with midterms fellow students!

jeans j.crew (under 20$!!)
camden satchel madewell (similar)