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Friday, January 24, 2014

seventies sass


Couldn't seem to keep a straight face in these ones! So, in reverence of my colossal absence here is a run down of my activities in the past few months (riveting, I know):

> moved out of my parents house
> technically became a real adult
> spent quality time with my h town hunnies
> worked retail during the holidays (puke)
> enjoyed sleepover parties in louisiana
> watched my bff graduate from college
> was spoiled by cayman weather
> fell asleep before eastern and central new years (oops)
> started my masters degree! loans!
> made new friends
> discovered aziz ansari's instagram (you must)
> became a connoisseur of cheap moscato

How is your January shaping up? Any specific wisdom for a baby adult like myself?

turtleneck & belt jcrew
jeans jbrand
vintage dooney bag & necklace
timex watch, madewell bangle
vince camuto clogs


  1. your hair looks great like that!



  2. umm, woah. we blinked and now you're an adult! congrats on getting your own place/starting grad school! I can't wait to see pictures of your new place! no doubt it's gonna look crafty and fab. also- love the outfit! those jeans are a super great fit on you. cheers to adulthood! or, baby adulthood, ha!

    perfectly Priya


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