that 70's show

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clearly still can't take myself seriously while in front of a camera. It doesn't help that every time I put on these jeans I feel like possessed by some kind of charlie's angel / wonder woman / beyonce super hero. There is nothing quite like a great pair of high waist-ed flares to make one feel a little bit sassy.

Today I'm trying to find a place to live over where I'll be grad schooling it up, and oh boy is craigslist a treat. It does appear as though I'm willing to trade solitude for covered parking, a dishwasher, and in unit washer and dryer. I have extremely high levels of stress surrounding the whole ordeal even though it's just a 5-6 month commitment. Leaning more and more towards dude roomies to avoid anyyyy possible drama haha.

Any tips for finding an apartment at a distance? Is a ranked list of criteria taking it too far?

j brand flares
jcrew tee and tassel necklace
target sunnies