so good so good

Monday, November 18, 2013

Its hawt in Texas this week y'all. The tights are strictly a formality, and I am quite alright with that! Many apologies to my friends in the great white north! November, why are you so fickle?

My Friday and Saturday were a freaking blast as I helped prep for a surprise birthday partay, got cozy with some (read: whole bottle) wine, and stayed up far far past bedtime. I'm so grateful for my uber cool work friends, shout out ladies! There shall be many house parties and karaoke nights in the near future.

I kind of just discovered pandora too, which makes me sound like a total loser but whatevs. You know you're square when you still pay for music in 2013 hah. I pretty much love to hate technology.

How was your weekend?? Do you still pay for music / have any recommendations?

h&m jersey dress
j.crew tights
madewell zipcode boots
vintage necklace & crossbody