like martha

Monday, November 4, 2013

Had some fun frolicking around outside with my sister this morning (she's pretty damn talented for her 12 years!). Needless to say I could use either tripod skills plus no shame, or a friendly neighborhood blog photographer. It has been freezing in our house the past few nights so we're all bundled up pretending that it is actually fall over here in Texas, as if! This jacket is affectionately named the martha jacket because it looks like something the queen of homemaking herself would wear and yes, I bought it like 2 months ago because I'm an eager beaver like that.

This week has been designated lazy as I'm playing master of the house while taking some time off of work. That scary as hell to do list and I are going to come face to face one of these days, some laundry might finally get put away, namaste will take place, and crafts will be conquered.

This weekend was a quick one yet again, there were ample servings of white wine, catching up with far away friends, and spending time with my probably-cooler-than-me-by-now brother. I got to hang out with some fabulous ladies for Halloween, and we had like 0.0 trick or treat-ers so you better believe me and reeses got to know each other quite well. Oh and this was my halloween costume, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that it was straight from my closet.

How did you spend the weekend? What do you do to kick back during a lazy day / week?

sweater jcrew mens (yep)
dv dolce vita boots (via marshalls)