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Monday, November 11, 2013

This jacket fits in quite nicely with the whole seventies thing that has been going on recently in my closet / life. Fleetwood Mac is my "spirit music" (yeah I really said that), and Rumours is just one of those albums I could never tire of.  A little free spirited-ness never hurt anyone right? It's pretty hard to be a wall flower in something with this much fringe, not to mention umm forever 21 find? 30$? Definitely a proud little shopping accomplishment.

Saturday and Sunday whizzed by as always, although the little sister and I squeezed in some serious r&r. She is completely addicted to Parks & Rec now too hah. I completed my nanny duties and am headed back to work today, which feels mighty fine. The real accomplishment this weekend was that I ran 3 miles almost contiguously, and oh man I forgot how freaking fabulous that second wind is. I'm excited to see if I can get back into cross country shape before the new year!

You may have noticed that I've basically just been slipping in one or two derp pictures at the end of every style post for a little while now. I can definitely say this trend will continue, as I know you all must find some solace in my complete lack of coordination and grace.

Happy Monday friends, how was your weekend?

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