shopbop ya don't stop

Friday, October 11, 2013

{all on sale, get some get some}

Not quite sure what compelled me to utilize dollar signs instead of writing the word "ass" but there ya have it. Grammar talk out of the way, I'm seriously considering spending a car payment on that bag. I've been creepily ogling the bucket bags of my coworkers, and random grandmothers, for far too long. On the other hand, perhaps the thrift gods will be on my side and I'll discover another 5$ goodwill gem. Such a purse saga I'm caught up in here.

This weekend I'm heading back to work on Saturday after my pseudo-weekend, then traveling to see the little brother in College Station. I'm going to try to scope out a few places to live and see if I can swing some type of 4 month sublet for next semester. Blerrgg stressful grown up situations. It's so much easier to worry about purses than apartments.

What are your plans for le weekend? Which items are you perpetually on the hunt for?