Wednesday, October 2, 2013

from my trip to drumheller, alberta last summer
The next few weeks are looking gooood according to my day planner (yep still need one of those, too old to learn new technology). Lots of days off (it will have been a month, eew) and lots of my favorite peoples. The term planmaster refers to my chronic awkwardness as a hostess. Whenever someone comes to visit me I have the urge to plan out 95% of our days. It usually ends up in some plans failing, my guest having a blast anyways, and me being pout-y about my plans not working. This type of thing leads to phrases like "I don't know you're the planmaster" and "you tell me planmaster". Fun times all around.

Here's what I'll be up to in October:

> celebrating mean girls day tomorrow (duh!) incidentally also my dad's birthday (his name is glenn, tempted to make a few glen coco jokes)
> tweeting. yep, I am extremely tardy to the twitter party. watch me fumble around @applewoodroad
> listening to werewolf bar mitzvah / watching 30 Rock Season 7 (thanks for the email netflix, you know me too well)
> swooning over orange / blue / black color combos - how cute is this one?
> canadian thanksgiving = pie (enough said)
> going for walks in the park since "the heat" isn't a valid excuse anymore
> purchasing 2 footie pajamas for the bff and I to be utilized with a few boutilles de vin and netflix
> searching for a cute grey squash / pumpkin thing that doesn't cost 10$
> hopefully wearing this awesome jcrew buy that I call my "martha stewart jacket"
> continuing to eat healthy (during the week, I couldn't actually do this crap all of the time) this week i'm tackling another curry and desperately need advice on wtf to do with lentils
> crocheting like a nursing home resident ON SPEED (I just wish my fingers could keep up with my brainstorming darn it!)
> getting psyched up for grad school in January woop woop
> searching for the perfect Thai and Indian restaurants in my neck of the woods

What type of shenanigans do you have planned?