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Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Even with all of the busy, I'm attempting to find time to pause and enjoy the little moments of freedom before grad school. I might have to act like a real adult then, yikes! However, the next 3 months are shaping up to be perfectly selfish. I'm embracing being a single twenty something by focusing in on my hobbies, goals, and long term to-do list. There must be comfort in "being in a relationship with yourself," because one has to get the hang of it at some point! I don't understand those who can hop from one dependent relationship to another without pause. If there isn't someone knocking at my door, I'm not going to desperately fill the void with whatever (slash whoever) is convenient. I guess we're all sorts of content over here, the waiting game is fine by me! (it definitely sounds like I'm smeagol or something when I refer to myself as a "we" but we're going to let that slide).

So single ladies (I know you're slim pickings in blog land) cheers to us, because we have the opportunity right now to flourish as individuals, to continue to become strong and caring women, and to kick some ass in society. Oh and of course don't forget this and this!