chivalry and toblerone

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lets hope i'm not jinxing anything, but this week is off to a stupendous start. Sunday I got hit on by a very cute bro in the grocery store (the grocery store for this type of thing i might add). Monday I went for a walk in the park in 75 degree weather, which for us texans means no more sacrifices to the fall weather gods.

Today I slept in after an overnight shift, and received the kindest email from one of my students. Not to mention the toblerone in bed action that is so happening. I've been picking up old New Girl episodes and toying with aly mcbeal on netflix (can't decide if i like it). Also lots of coheed and cambria to help get over road rage. I'd rather have fellow drivers see me singing my heart out than making certain hand gestures if ya feel me.

coheed by Kelsey Elizabeth on Grooveshark

I hope that you find some kick ass things to celebrate this week!

hat h&m last year 
target cardi
vintage dooney purse
hair stolen from a hippie (really i just need a cut)
madewell necklace, tee, leggings and boots