afternoon delight

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Excuse the photo overload, but I had the most glorious vacation in louisiana, complete with drunkenness (which indeed has 2 n's), barefooted-ness, new friends, 30 rock, physics, a midnight swim, cuddles, a massive hangover, and of course, an afternoon "picnic".Its so nice to be surrounded by people that you "jive" with, and who don't mind every other sentence out of your mouth being an absurd song lyric or sarcastic remark. Christina and I are such a dynamic duo, every one of her friends felt it necessary to exclaim "but y'all are so different". We're just here to vouch for the fact that sometimes the whole opposites thing is exactly what works!

Needless to say, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to take on some new projects in November (eeek so soon). I've got THE most bad ass halloween costume up my sleeve, and I'm even planning on really trying to work out (eeew I know). Going for one run and attending one yoga class most definitely warranted some new workout gear soooo that happened. Running skirts are the new thing y'all, I'm feeling the trend.

What do you and your bff do to unwind? Had any fabulous vacations lately?

[on me] hat h&m | dress tarjay | boots madewell | watch jcrew
[on christina] hat and boots h&m | dress madewell | watch timex