this week (and others)

Friday, September 6, 2013

from l'instagram @applewoodroad

Clumsy by Fergie on Grooveshark

This week I have successfully:

>> cracked an egg with my knee after letting it roll of the counter and attempting to catch it -- hence the song
>> rammed my other knee into a door frame while attempting to weasel my way out of too tight skinny jeans
>> house sat (aka scooped doggie poops)
>> was molested by a gaggle of mosquitos (I get quarter sized bites, I guess you could call it a psuedo allergy)
>> bought the wrong teen magazine for my sister - "i don't read teen vogue, you can have it!"
>> celebrated the little sis's birthday with cookie cake, brownies and lofthouse sugar cookies (you know the ones)
>> watched this top notch 80's teen movie starring a young, bushy eyebrow-ed sarah jessica parker
>> cooked not one but THREE real meals! Progress!

How did you recover from the long weekend?