home skillet

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little bits of my room / studio apartment-ish : A print that I bought the wrong frame for sits atop my ikea expedit shelf // my unnamed cactus friend // organizing magazine tear outs // leg form chilling in the corner

I have been doting over my space recently with multiple ikea trips and new additions. The leg form and pet cactus were freebies at work, its like perk city up in there! I'm still working on pair of new pillows for my bed, my first sewing project in far too many months. Overall trying to snap back into my creative self since work has been sponging on my free time this month. What kind of projects do you reach for when you're feeling rusty?

Important food sidenote: I think sprinkles vanilla cupcake has cruised into first place in my cupcake heart, sorry crave!