bear grylls

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This is the closest encounter I've had with mother nature in the past few months, terrible, I know! A real bear grylls indeed. I'm craving hiking boots, mountain peaks and sleeping bags as fall attempts to settle in down south. Too bad my city is muggy and landscapingly challenged!

Besides my pastoral camping fantasies, a trip to the beach is also seriously in order. Unless everyone plans on bringing back the pantyhose as a fashion statement, I'm going to need a little more color on me to get through the winter. I basically resemble one of those clear geckos where you can see the organs through the skin (yep that's a thing).

In other news aujourd'hui is my dear friend Pauline's special day! I've been so lucky to have her in my city this past week before she moves to London. A little college bff reunion never hurt anyone! Besides catching up I've been working my tail off

How has September been treating you? Snag any Phillip Lim goodies at tarjay the other day? I grabbed a purse online and am anxious to see if it's a keeper or not!

sweater target | tank & watch jcrew | necklace & sandals madewell | h&m skirt
photos by my homie christina