saturday shop: hats

Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Regardless of my freakishly large noggin (thanks mom!), I'm dying to incorporate hats of all sorts into my wardrobe this fall. Everything from the indiana jones-esque to the trendy turban (or turband) has me wishing I was one of those people, you know those jerks who can slap on any old chapeau and look fabulous.

The only catch is trying to nail down when hats are socially acceptable. College was the perfect time to sport a fabulous floppy hat for the greater part of the day. Although, I was certain to sit in the back row of the lecture halls, since everyone knows the only thing worse than someone eating onion-y subway in front of you, is someone wearing a stupid hat.

Are you a hat person? When would you say it is appropriate to rock some fun head gear?