coats and quotes

Monday, August 19, 2013

1 jcrew factory // 2 j brand // 3 asos // 4 asos // 5 h&m // 6 dvf // street style via

And a few things heard around these parts lately:

"I searched for whataburger on spotify" - the bff
"is there a windows ten or something?" - mom
"have you seen your character on the wii? (giggling) its as fat as the scale will go" - sis
"put it on number 4 mom!!" - sis "put it on shut up!" - mom
"maybe she has two middle names: North East South West" - sis
"how can they be Panera bread and not give you any bread!?!?" - mom

and this tumblr made me chuckle, a lot.