the f word...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

1 cashmere sweater | 2 leather dress | 3 sweater tee | 4 blazer | 5 crossbody bag | 6 jumpsuit | 7 scarf | 8 dress | 9 cap | 10 coat | 11 jacket | 12 cardigan

The operative f word here being FALL guys, since this is a family friendly blog (I guess?). I know we all know it's absurd to be looking at coats in the middle of august (at least in Texas), but it is the type of wrong that just feels so right. I am a self pronounced lover of summer, and even I have ogled sweaters and purchased a pair of suede boots in the past few weeks (spending freeze say what???). I'm mostly drawn to black and brown combo's, especially those including camel / caramel-ish tones.

There is something magical surrounding all of the new beginnings this time of year, whether we're talking school or September issues. And I must say I want on the fall bandwagon, sign me up fall fanatics! I secretly want to be one of you!

Have y'all done any fall or winter shopping yet? What are you craving as the retail seasons change?