Stripe city

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

madewell dress // vintage dooney & bourke purse // bcbg girls shoes (ancient) // tarjay belt // f21 necklace and earrings // timex watch 
wet hair don't care? 


These summer months just skip right on by unannounced don't they? I might have finally settled in to my teaching gig, hopefully the first class is the worst and I'm not just making that up to comfort myself? Also FINALLY getting around to sending out grad announcements, and I may or may not have just purchased my best friend's birthday gift (her bday was the first week of April!). I kind of love this time of year, especially because I get to be all patriotic celebrating Canada and 'merica (read: by eating bbq foods). Related would be this himym tidbit, robin sparkles gets me every time.

July seems like it may be kind to me so I'm planning on striving towards some big goals. I'd love to start eating a more balanced diet and sticking to yoga / anything really (the mcdonalds, candy, ice cream diet doesn't agree with my twenty something body as well as it did with my 18 year one... shocker). I'm also hoping to get through some major scrapbooking, as I really want to have a montreal album to look back on! On that note I need to start taking real camera photos. All new technology considered, cell phone photos still = eew. Tack those goals onto my constant struggle to save and budget rather than spend spend spend, and I've got my work cut out for me!

What are your big plans for this month? Do you find it helpful to set weekly or monthly goals rather than just utilizing a to-do list?

Sidenote this dress rocks - the fit and construction are spot on! Next on my list are this one and this one