DIY canvas necklace display

Monday, July 15, 2013

madewell arrowstack | jcrew double tassel | madewell modern geometry 

This post should really be called a psuedo DIY but we're just gonna roll with it. Psuedo because A) the idea was heavily inspired by Madewell visuals, and B) because there isn't much to "do".

Step 1 | locate ugly painting (my mom bought this one at a school art show)
Step 2 | flip ugly painting over
Step 3 | hammer t-pins (mine are from target) into the wooden frame
Step 4 | place heavy necklaces on t-pins and light necklaces onto push pins stuck into canvas (Note: I only store costume-y jewelry on here -- too scared of what the cheap nails / t-pins would do to the nicer stuff) 

I'm hitting the closet organization pretty hard these days, attempting to purge and build a purposeful / somewhat grown up wardrobe. There's only a corner view since I'm wishing I could shove the luggage and old acoustic guitar that are killing space into never never land. Oh and because velvet hangers are so not in the budget right now, so there's a nice haphazard collection of white, pink and green cheap plastic ones going on in there at the moment. Someday a complete, pinterest-worthy closet will be mine!

How do you store your accessories? If you do a rendition of this DIY, please link back to the original post :)