Business cas(ual)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

gap tee // jcrew belt, pencil skirt, sandals, necklace // melie bianco clutch

Still trying to fully understand what "business casual" means, but I figured that a pencil skirt MUST count for something. Although it makes me have munchkin legs when worn with flats (curse you long torso), I still sport this thing at least once a week while teaching. I feel like I should start my classes with a disclaimer: I have a fairly childish wardrobe, expect repeats! 

The past few days have been deliciously thunderstorm-y. The kind of weather that makes you want to drive for hours listening to classical music, with the windsheild wipers doing their squeaky thing. The kind of weather that makes it acceptable to drink multiple pots of tea while curled up under your fleecy blanket. And the kind of weather that makes you want to go out to run errands, even though you know it's going to rain, but you like to live on the wild side, so you wear those leather sandals anyways, and just sort of see what happens. Stubborn-ness y'all, it's the summer's theme, remember?

Three cheers for summer thunderstorms! And happy Tuesday folks :)