So fresh and so clean (a blog renovation)

Monday, July 8, 2013

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The blog was on the receiving end of a little TLC (think this tune) over the weekend, as I tried to clean things up! Applewood Road (Time Stand Still) has a fresh new look and a fresh new name, so I'm hoping to feel extra "inspired" to blog in the coming months (cliche much? I know I know). The name "Applewood Road" reminds me of a time / place that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Nothing crazy deep going on there, just something that I liked the sound of.

This collage sums up what's inspiring me during these long summer days. As my day to day life matures slightly, I find my style and tendencies are growing up a little bit too. I'm more drawn to minimalism, but I still enjoy messing around with crazy textures and layers. And periwinkle, can't get enough of that one lately. I also find myself wanting to spend money on home decor, which is weird, but could be better than clothes shopping in the long run? Again just going with it. 

How was your (hopefully long) weekend?? Did you do some shopping or stick to the beach / pool? I worked the holiday (time and a half son!) but settled in for some well needed chill time too. I played time zone tag with my BFF in France and received THE coolest postcard ever (thanks Lindsay!) Oh and I devoured a pan and a half of brownies because apparently that's my new thing? Lord I hope not.