What i've been up to lately...

Monday, June 17, 2013

and a few quotes too for the heck of it:

"everyday i'm shuffling" my mom (me laughing) "what? isn't that a song?"
"they just sag in the hallway" little sister on the "bad kids" at her school
"if he lived in a world of junk food it would be barren because he ate it all" little sister
"I'm sad because... (dramatic gulp)... I don't get wi-fi here!" my sister on why she is sad school is out

I may be gearing up to teach my first class next week... can you say nervous?? My goals for the week include lots of teacher prep, staying motivated with my other job, finishing some craft projects, getting organized aka finishing unpacking properly, refraining from shopping (ouch), sending out my grad announcements (yeahhh it's long overdue), and actually attending yoga classes instead of just thinking about attending them! What are you up to??

Happy Monday y'all, here's to a productive week!