olive jean lovin

Monday, June 10, 2013

madewell jeans, vest, necklace // j.crew tshirt, sandals // gap belt // thrifted purse

because who doesn't love an awkward almost smile??
Doing some serious crushing on everything in the new madewell store over here. My bank account is in some serious troubleee with that one. Lately i'm into finding ways to layer summer weight pieces, which can be quite the feat in Texas. However, thanks to my lizard-like tendencies, the cardigans are completely necessary in the air conditioning year round.

My little weekend flew by, I worked for the greater part of it but made time for a little shopping on friday night (can you say payday?). I need to find ways to work hobbies into my schedule because I've been seriously slacking in that department. There is literally an entire notebook full of crafts just waiting to be started (and potentially finished). My next day off has a little hobby lobby date penciled in for sure ;)

Still planning out what I'm going to do with myself in the fall. Sigh. I was accepted into a graduate program that I'm feeling really great (and relieved) about, but I may defer for a semester to work and save up! I also have to give a shout out to my insanely smart, beautiful, and genuinely awesome friend Geeda for getting her well deserved med school admission, so proud of her and the rest of the gang of future doctors!

How was your weekend?? Did anyone watch Mad Men last night? I completely called the terrible twist at the end but was still literally yelling at the tv when it happened!! Can't wait to see what they do with that mess.