For those about to rock...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I guess you could call these "friday letters", but they are mostly just specifically directed rants:

>> Dear classical music radio station announcers: thank you and your soothing british accents for getting me through 45 minute commutes this week and making me feel like i'm listening to the radio equivalent of baby einstein.

>> Dear teachers of all genres: y'all rock. I try to pretend to do what you do for 4 days and i'm wiped. so I salute you.

>> Dear pair of shoes featured here: I will never ever forget you. Ever.

>> Dear Beanie Babies, I remembered you this week.

>> Dear "straw-ber-itas": are you supposed to be slushy or am I going to be drinking a watered down four loko? Can anyone weigh in on this?

>> Dear creative regions of my brain: my apologies for only utilizing you to decide which instagram filter to use this week.

Stay tuned for a saturday shop and a little blog redesign sometime in the next week!