breaking the rules

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

cheesecake with mom // me in montreal // first in line for my faculty at grad
afternoon in mtl plateau // my grad shoes (vince camuto) // lunchtime spread
chilling in chicago // downtown mtl // my favorite quebec beer (unibroue ephemere)

me and my brother circa 94 // crave cupcakes // favorite sandals
tina is the best // fro yo with emma // my mom at her graduation
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Annndddd the story of my run in with the law... Me and my friend Will were going to head to convocation together bright and early, so we walked through our neighborhood on the usual route to campus and arrived at the crosswalk to the gates. We started to get excited as we could see swarms of helpful convocation employees, mcgill security guards and (duh) students in caps and gowns.  The "crosswalk" light had just turned red but the car at the light that had turned green was NOT moving for a while. So I, in my brilliancy, said come on Will, lets go because nobody is moving.

Turns out the group of security guards were joined by two smug cops. One so graciously (read: sarcasm) wanted to let us know that we had crossed at a red light, and that she was going to have to give us a ticket. I unsuccessfully attempted to talk this female cop out of giving me a ticket (a joke i know, shouldn't have bothered) because it actually looked like they were there to help us cross the street and make it to the ceremony on time instead of trapping us in to jaywalking tickets. Moral of the story, even if the cops / security guards / people with walkie talkies look helpful they are NOT going to hesitate giving you a petty $30 ticket. I'm just mostly interested to see how on earth she's going to send that thing all the way to Texas with that butchered attempt at writing down my address, since we didn't have any id under our cap and gown.

Anyone else have a "fun" cop story? Girls, have you ever talked/ cried your way out of a female cop's ticket?