rom-coms, a playlist, and happy weekend

Friday, May 17, 2013

photo from my grandparents garden

summer ladies by Kelsey Elizabeth on Grooveshark

The Mindy Project from this week influenced this playlist heavily. I am kind of in love with Danny Castellano, although I'm kind of in love with a lot of imaginary guys so that isn't saying muchhh... Somewhat on topic, I watched One Day last night (and bawled) and how insanely attractive is Jim Sturgess in that movie? I'm very open to rom-com recommendations, seems like it's going to be a bit of a summer pastime.

My big plans for the weekend include working, a ballet performance, reading books (novel concept over here y'all) and making some graduation announcements. To me, "Graduation announcements" seem kind of like the least tacky way to ask your extended family for a monetary gift to commemorate your recent foray into (broke) adulthood. At least you're giving them a charming photo of you in your cap and gown??