Pon de replay (instagrams)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Having a rihanna moment on this monday morning while I crochet a baby gift and play construction overseer at my parent's house. This is basically a post of too many instagrams from the past 2 months. I seem to have gotten a little bit behind on this type of thing... tragic, I know. Definitely planning on making an insta scrapbook (a la elsie) sometime in the next month (aka when I have unpacked the boatload of scrapbook paraphernalia).

Here's to a productive and sunshine filled week!
out for mexican at el tiempo in houston // oap (open air pub) on campus // a building crush
jack the sheltie // flowers (self explanatory) // lemon meringue
flautas yum // my mom day banner // daiquiri girl
mtl sunshine // freedom from exams with geeda // depanneur flowers
golden hour walk // that one time i went to the gym all month // veggie nachos
post bar library shenanigans with vanessa // on campus // tim hortons break
easter outfit // dressy football with g // downtown view