Thursday, May 9, 2013

photos from my old school disposable camera on my last day in mtl

Currently questioning my life choices as I most definitely suffer from "grass-is-always-greener" syndrome. Three months ago I was raving about how excited I was to move back to Texas, now I find myself yearning to get back to Montreal. It took leaving to realize how much of a legit family I had up at school, and boy do I miss that support system. Trying to part with that lifestyle is proving difficult, I may or may not get a little teary eyed (so out of character) looking at photos of my favorites. Apparently I did actually become a social person in the past four years (who would have thought!).

The transition back to living at home has been all around weird. I feel like the person I am while living under my parent's roof is drastically different than the person I am when I'm out on my own, and I might just like the independent version better! I'm hoping this all (somewhat) resolves itself once I busy up with my three part time jobs and volunteering but for the next few weeks I might just be a bit of a  DQ, because I can :p

What I'd love to know from you is how you made it through the awkward transition from post grad living in your parent's house to full on independent adult?