an outfit and rambles

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

dress gap // belt  my little sister's // purse goodwill (5$ y'all!) 
photos by brit from our downtown hang out a few weeks ago

>> it is likely that the closest I will ever get to a "walk of shame" in my life is forgetting to take the garbage out and sneaking onto the cross street in my pajamas to stealthily place it in front of someone else's house...
>> loving veronika's new blog space by the shore
>> if they don't already exist, black and white vision goggles should exist
>> I'm in need of a new (or throwback) show, suggestions??
>> bill hader is leaving snl, check out this stefon playlist to pay homage
>> craving a dress just like this and the ability to mix prints like this
>> tempted to test out the whole "bra top" trend, this one from club monaco seems classy (if that isn't an oxymoron?)
>> I'm working retail this summer (and other things too, no judgesies) and wondering how anyone else manages to put paychecks in the bank rather than just buying new outfits??
>> this shoe from forever 21 looks dreamy online
>> car salesmen, my feelings towards you are a weird mixture of impatience, pity, and dislike, i'm sorry for this (kind of) but you should still just let me have a nice deal on my new car

What are you up to on this hump day in may?