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Friday, May 24, 2013

Although there aren't many bloggy activities going on over here lately, I am feeling inspired by the late 90's (aka sex and the city season 1 and 2), sun bleached blonde, blue and orange combinations, Moroccan patterns, bohemian dresses, embroidered details, and the sixties in general (as always). 

This past week flew by, I've been working quite a bit although I'm still waiting on a grad school decision to make any final choices about my exact combination of part time jobs. Working retail has me pretty certain I've got some plantar fasciitis going on, which I guess is an excuse to go shoe shopping?? New grads (and students in general) what are you up to for the summer months?? 

Tomorrow morning I head back up to the great white north for my graduation on monday (trading a memorial day weekend bbq for a diploma). Next week I'm going to have to share some of the adorable photos I dug up of my mom on her graduation day, she was quite the comedian in front of the camera! I'm most concerned about the weird hat situation (we take off our cap and they put another one on us on stage) and about tripping up the stairs a la jennifer lawrence. I'll let you know how that goes ;)

What are your plans for the (long) weekend? 

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