This girl right here

Friday, April 5, 2013

Today we're wishing a very happy adulthood to my very favorite. I can't imagine what my definition of friendship would be if I didn't get to have her in my life! Here are some fun facts about my best friend mademoiselle davis:
  1. she loves kate nash. like this 
  2. she once gave a love note to someone who is famous on youtube 
  3. the girl is drop.dead. gorgeous. she gets the creme of the crop as far as pick up lines go (frequently "you look like that chick, zooey deschanel")
  4. we used to draw tattoos on ourselves with sharpies and dress up as "emo" kids for fun
  5. she knows what d&d stands for (hint its dungeons and dragons, hint it's a nerd game)
  6. she speaks french (and franglais) like a pro
  7. one time she gave me a fleecy blanket that definitely has optimus prime on it that i definitely sleep with every night 
  8. she has a stuffed animal named sags that i renamed rufus
  9. she is afraid of cuticle pushers and therefore of mani pedis in general
  10. she sends some of the best drunk texts to ever grace your inbox
  11. five years ago she wrote me a poem about our friendship and I still have it folded up and tucked in my bible (for safe keeps)
  12. she doesn't like potatoes 
  13. she does like a cafe au lait
  14. i made her a really cool scrapbook after high school graduation (see a post on it here and here)
  15. one time we laughed until we were lightheaded at the idea of not being able to make a "fart noise" with your mouth while smiling (if you attempt this you will see what we're talking about)
  16. we have a pact that I get to plan her hipster wedding (muahahaha)
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Finally, so everyone can feel like it is their birthday too : go watch this. I cried tears of laughter and my roommate literally fell out of her chair laughing.