The end of an era

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

tshirt, jeans, necklace, bangle, heels f21 // blazer j. crew // clutch thrifted
Can't actually believe that my time in Montreal has come to an end! These photos were taken by my insanely talented friend Lindsay on one of my last days in the city. If you're in need of a photographer in the MTL area contact me and I'll get you in touch with her!

It's so weird to think about switching gears from the downtown Montreal lifestyle back to super suburban Texas. Definitely awkwardly cried on the flight back here (and was definitely carrying my graduation teddy bear at the same time haha). The "good" thing is that I've got LOTS to keep me busy these next few weeks between job interviews, helping my parents unpack their new place, and overall transitioning into adulthood (I have to pay for my own cell phone say whaaa? just kidding... sort of...). But seriously why are cell phone plans so expensive all of a sudden, snapchat is NOT worth 100$ / month to me.

I also must share some of the shenanigans my sister has been up to lately. First things first she made me watch the last harry potter movie with her. She then proceeded to pull 2 sticks (yes like from trees) out of a drawer and told me that if I broke my wand she would be really upset. Then the next day she pulls out her ipod and goes "these are my harry potter pictures," showing me an album of over 250 shots of the harry potter stars on and off duty. This girl kills me.

I'm headed back to filling out applications, unpacking boxes, and plotting my next moves. Thanks so much for reading, we should be back to somewhat normal programming around these parts shortly ;)