Tarjay on a Sunday

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Necklace $19.99 // Blazer $49.99 // Dress $59.99

I decided to take a study break and stumbled across the new target collection. Not sure how I feel about the prices, but I did end up really liking these three pieces. I think I'm going to wait for them to clearance because I'm cheap like that.

My weekend has been a blast so far, probably because I'm in denial about having 3 exams this Thursday...  oops. I'm definitely suffering from what my friends deem "F.O.M.O." (fear of missing out) and cramming in tons of social time before I move home in 2 weeks. Don't be surprised if things get a little quiet over here in the midst of all of the madness! I'll be back in full force the first week of May (when hobby lobby and I are reunited) and this might actually turn into more of a crafty blog again.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and good luck to those of you cramming for finals!