Oh So Summer

Friday, April 26, 2013

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I was seriously considering naming this post after this step brother's song, but then I thought it would be more kosher to just let you watch that video instead so that the internet's moral police don't yell at me. Judging by my affinity for all things beach related, I'm pretty pumped that my favorite season is about to begin (Texas summer is practically May - Sept).

To say that the past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind is an UnDeRStATEmeNt (remember when everyone typed like that?). I am still recovering from the actual exhaustion part but now there's the oh my gosh I don't get to see these people everyday anymore factor too, and that just makes things weird. Tonight I'm going to enjoy myself at a big throwback slash goodbye party with many beers and presumably many tears. Can't believe my time in Montreal has come to an end, I'll be a full time Texan come this time Monday!

Here's to the end of an era, hope your weekend is as fabulous and hopefully slightly less dramatic than mine ;)