oh hay (and quotes)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

my main girl G // cute gap dress // on campus // stress dogs // brit's dress to kill feature // at juliette et chocolat

Feels weird to not be spewing enthusiastic sarcasm on the internet so here's a little quotepost for ya on this beautiful Saturday morning:

>> "i think its funny when people are suprised that i rap, like its a novelty to them" - g
>> (regarding using facebook chat for the first time) "whoa this is like a whole new world" - g
>> "chicken wings!?!? thats the messiest food in the world", "okay relax monica from friends, i brought a wet nap" - danny and morgan on the mindy project
>> (regarding the fact that people hook up in the dark room shared by a few pharmacology research labs at my university) "although there's lots of ethidium bromide in there, i don't know if i'd want to get naked" - g
>> "I am so hung over, I am like in a trance" - me "I am going to be hung over from this phone call" - my friend referring to talking to her mother on the phone
>> "gotta get that D" - vanessa (referring to vitamin D)
>> "mom I got into grad school" - me "that's great, i can't talk though you're using up my minutes" - my mom
>> "I am going to be so lost without it [tim hortons] i got hooked on French Vanilla" - my brother "Hahah what a [girly] drink, I'm gonna quote you on that" - me

oh and here are some youtube videos that i could watch over and over and over again:
>> drunk uncle
>> the californians

happy weekend friends!